Ministry Update: Angel Warden

 Ministry Update: Angel Warden - Palmer :)

Hey Everyone!

Each of you have crossed my mind these past couple of months. I've been praying for you. You guys are my supporters and I will forever be thankful for your investment into this season of mine. It has been incredibly fruitful. I’m sure the holidays have brought up a mixed bag of feelings, but I hope most that you guys were able to experience the joy that comes with  knowing that you are unconditionally loved by God in each season. I pray that this Truth settles deep into your soul. I've had a pretty busy last couple of months, so I’m sorry to have gotten this blog update to you guys a little late.

 I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite moments these past two months where I saw God working the most in my heart and in the hearts of our beloved, unique, and fun-filled students at Collin College. 

Pizza Theology 11/5

Pizza Theology is a chance each semester to get teaching of significant depth on a Biblical topic, and we have a pizza dinner together in the middle! This time we discussed the the answer to the question, “what does it mean to be human?” from an Old Testament scholar named Iain Provan. 

Iain taught the Old Testament class I took last semester and came in for a pastoral Q&A one day. To ask my questions to someone who has dedicated their entire life to wrestling with the hard questions that come up while reading the OT, feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Some cool questions that I got to hear him respond to were: Are the spirit and soul divided?, how much should Christians speak into the formation of femininity and masculinity in our culture?, What does your prayer life look like? How do you embrace the ordinary? 

Our students seemed to really enjoy this experience. They asked thoughtful questions during the Q&A and were wrestling with questions mostly around gender and sex, how to think about it, and what does scripture say. 

Church Retreat 11/12

I also got to go to my first retreat with church family. This was a very sweet and meaningful moment for me because I haven’t been able to go to it the last 3 years due to going to school out of state.

Friendsgiving Dinner 11/17

What a special night. Two of our small groups (or as we call it in focus “cores”) joined to celebrate Friendsgiving. Something that meant a lot to me was seeing a girl I had met at outreach the week before come to meet everyone for the first time. Alyssa just came right along in and made a bunch of new friends. She came off pretty shy at first, but as the night went on, we got to see her open up and make connections. I got to see her joy come from making new friends and finding community. I also got to see our cores welcome her in and love her well. This moment reminded me the invitation of Jesus to us all. 

Dance Winter Showcase 12/1

I got to see some of the dancers I’ve met at Collin perform !!!

Student Leaders Christmas Party 12/4 

A fun celebration with our students who also lead cores. We played secret santa and had about 20 cups of hot coco each haha. I love this group. I live with about 5 of the students in this picture so it’s sweet to share moments like these and talk about them when we get home. 

Christmas Party 12/7

Some other fun moments...

The other apprentices :) 

Sabbath Dinner with the apprentices 

Collin staff team! 

My First Sermon 12/15

I couldn’t have done this without being strengthened and supported by the Lord, but also the support of my family, teachers, and other apprentices. It was a process that took of a lot of introspection, prayer, getting advice, courage, and finding words to describe how I’ve encountered Jesus which is really good for me and will bless others around me. Here is the link to my sermon and the time stamp is 3:35:42. Check it out if you would like! Also, there are the other apprentices sermons too, so check them out cause I'm sure they will encourage you. 

The title of my sermon was: “Dance was my lord, now I see that Jesus is, and it’s going to be more than okay.” I also got 20 minutes of feedback which felt so encouraging to hear from my peers. I felt so loved on by the other pastors in the room. Definitely a highlight of the semester!!  

Thank you so much for your investment. It's already been one semester and what a great one it has been. May the God of all hope, love, joy, and compassion fill you all. See you next time!    

I love you all so much! Call me whenever :)


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