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Angel's Apprenticeship Update August 2023   Hi friends and family! What an opportunity is it to have this platform and connect with you all?!  Each and everyone of you mean so much to me and have already taught me more about what it looks like to be generous and faithful. I want to first start off by saying  thank you .  Without your prayers, encouragement, and financial partnership, I wouldn't of been able to be a pastoral apprentice with FOCUS  ( Fellowship of Christian University Students). The next 10 months, I have the unique and special opportunity to intentionally love and serve college students at Collin college in Plano, TX. I get to share the love of God which I have so graciously experienced.  What have I been up to? Monday, July 31st kicked off my first day as an apprentice with FOCUS. After orientation we launched right into reading the Old Testament and listening to lectures. My schedule for the most part has looked like M-F, 9-4pm, with 2-3 Old testament classes